Dear Friends,

The Seneca Diabetes Foundation was formed to raise greater awareness of a disease that affects American Indians more than any other ethnic group.

Years ago, American Indians did not have diabetes. Elders can recall times when people hunted and gathered food for simple meals. People walked a lot.

Today diabetes is one of the top health problems affecting the Seneca Nation of Indians. In fact, diabetes affects 50 percent of all American Indians versus six percent of the country’s general population. One in two adults in the Seneca Nation has diabetes and it’s affecting our young people at earlier ages.

To address this increasingly challenging health problem within the Seneca Nation, the Seneca Diabetes Foundation has set a goal to raise a minimum of $250,000 in private funds in its first year. Our goal is not to duplicate the critical services already provided through The Seneca Nation Health Department (SNHD). We need to do more.

The Foundation’s mission is to provide education outreach, prevention awareness and fund research to improve the lives of Seneca Nation Members affected by diabetes. To accomplish this we will look to our members and community partners to make life better for those in our Nation who are affected by diabetes and to help prevent it in future generations.

Together, we will make a difference in the fight against diabetes. It is my promise to my people.




Barry E. Snyder, Sr.
Seneca Diabetes Foundation